Configuration of tx_power

I hope i hit the right category.
We are currently troubleshooting on some network issues. We were wondering if it is possible to configure or see what TX power is being used? Formerly, i believe it could be adjusted in the loraserver.toml and in there in “downlink_tx_power”.


For the default PA, a TX power configuration consists of the parameters as described below. When all parameters are set, a resulting 16-bit hexadecimal value represents the TX power configuration. This 16-bit hexadecimal is contained in the txPower variable in your radio setup command.

I believe i found it as an option in the “chirpstack-network-server.toml”:

 # Downlink TX Power (dBm)
  # When set to -1, the downlink TX Power from the configured band will
  # be used.
  # Please consult the LoRaWAN Regional Parameters and local regulations
  # for valid and legal options. Note that the configured TX Power must be
  # supported by your gateway(s).