Configuration Patterns

Hi folks,
Be keen on some feedback regarding the idea of building a library configuration patterns.

For those not familiar with the concept - a pattern is a worked example of a setup with very specific components/settings ... the idea is that if you follow to the letter the "pattern" will give you a basic working system from there you can massage it into whatever form you want.  Getting a system up and running is usually the most time consuming part. 

I've started on a Centos 7 configuration with MultiTech LoRa gear (Blue EV box + mDots and MultiTech Conduit).  While most of this information is out there on the 'net  - it's very haphazard and fragmented documentation. 

So in this case I'll be calling for anyone who has already done work with the MultiTech setup. I already have the CentOs 7 side sorted and with Broccar's recent announcement of integrating with InfluxDB and Graphana etc. that will make an awesome platform.