Configuring single-channel packet-forwarder

Hi All;

I already setup LoRA server.
I see my gateway on LoRA server. It’s not get Tx/Rx.

so I use to tcpdump data from port 1700 and my LoRA server can received data.

In my raspberry Pi. I use to single channel gateway.

I would like to know what i mistake and I would like to know how should I do?

That could come from a lot of things but you have to look on your gateway and node configuration first because it seems you have no message transmitted between your node and gateway. The only thing you have is the gateway status. Maybe your server is not well configured but the problem is not coming from here first. Check Frequency, SpreadFactor, SPI Pins on both hardwares.

When I use to mosquitto_sub -v -t “gateway/+/rx”. It’s not show anything.

You can’t have anything on server-side if you have nothing on your gateway.

My gateway profile.

It’s NOT on server-side. If you send data from your node without any server UP you normally see these data through your gateway logs. The fact is that you don’t receive ANYTHING on your gateway according to what you show us. You have to look on gateway conf files and/or node algorithm/conf.
While you don’t have anything appearing on gateway logs you have to check again on gateway/node.

My setting gateway node on raspberry pi.

My setting gateway node on raspberry pi.

Could you please tell me how should I setting gateway on single channel gateway and setting gateway on loraserver?

According to your screenshots, you have a device transmitting on 923 MHz with a SF11 and a gateway receiving on 923MHz with a SF7. Can’t work.

Yes. It’s not working.
My gateway setting received frequency 923MHz and SpreadFactor SF11.
I use to B-L072Z-LPWAN from ST to end node. It has frequency 923MHz and SpreadFactor SF11.

I will show you for end node.

and I will show you for my gateway.

What soft do you use for your end-node ? You have to be sure the node is transmitting something. Do you have anything written while running ? A debug mode option ?
What is the radio-module you have on your gateway ?

And double, triple, quadruple … check on pins (hardware connection and software configuration). DIO0 and DIO1 especially. SPI pins seems to be ok, you don’t have any “unrecognized transceiver” error but the value you set in main.cpp are strange.

Thank you for your advice. I already enable debug mode in STM32 in my end node.

My program for develop STM32-LoRA.

I found my problem about frequency because SpreadFactor is relative with Frequency.

This picture show LoRA server received information from raspberry pi.

This picture show single channel gateway with uart from STM32 B-L072Z-LRWAN1.

hello, Afent_G_G could you please show me the way you configured your gateway bridge? I’m using a single channel packet forwarder too and it seems like it doesn’t send any data to my gateway bridge.