Confirmed and unconfirmed data up

Hello ,
I just started learning about Lorawan .

I can see that my device sends only unConfirmedDataUp messages .

How can I make it send ConfirmedDataUp messages please ?

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It depends on the device you are using. If it’s a device programmed by it’s manufacturer, if you can enable it, you can do it by configuring it. If it is something you programmed, you have to search how to make the messages confirmed (if you programmed the device by yourself, you are probably using a library, and then, there is probably a way to enable it).

Hello , thank you for your reply

I’m using Dragino LDDS75 Distance Detection Sensor .

I think you should look there:

At this section, you will find what you need:

3. Configure LDDS75 via AT Command or LoRaWAN Downlink

LoRaWAN is much stronger when it comes to receiving uplinks than downlinks, since most common gateways are half-duplex and can only transmit 1 message at a time. It could be also said that every downlink sent is rather costly, as it may cause uplink packets to be lost. So if there’s no need for an acknowledgement, it would be better to just use unconfirmed uplinks.


thank you for your response

I understand , i just wanted to see how will the server react to Confirmed Uplinks .

The AT command section in your link makes no reference to confirmed vs unconfirmed messages.

Follow the bunny in that section.