Confirmed data up

Hello ,
I just started learning about Lorawan .

I can see that my device sends ConfirmedDataUp messages .But instead of going to sleep, the device keeps sending ConfirmedDataUp messages ,until it stops at a certain point.

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When my devices do that it means that the confirmation the device is expecting isn’t reaching the device. (Lorawan spec says that devices will have a number of retransmissions when it asks for a confirmation but non is received.)

Or as happened in the early days the device was too close to the gateway and the gateway responses were swamping the receiver which caused it to act as if no response was received. This case was fixed by moving the device away from the gateway or putting tin over the device.

It seems the downstream messages are not acknowledged, and therefore neither visible nor is the frame counter incremented. Perhaps you face a similar problem as I encountered:

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Thanks for your help!
I tried the newer version, but it didn’t seem to work.
I also found that the uplink frame-counter and the downlink frame-counnter did not match.

I use the raspberry PI 4B as a gateway.
ChirpStack Installation is Linux:
App-Server: latest
Network-Server: latest

Thanks again.

Thanks for your help.
I tried these methods,but nothing worked.
My device still sends a lot of uplink data initially.

Thanks again.

The uplink counter and downlink counter work independently and no need to match.
You can have 1000 uplinks but only 10 downlinks. So the uplink counter is 1001 and downlink counter is 11.