Confirmed uplink lorawan-frame with ack: false, is this correct?


I am my end device is sending confirmed uplink messages. I am looking at device lorawan frames and the ack is always false for the messages. Is this the correct behavior? I was thinking ack would be set to true.
Plus I see the corresponding downlink is unconfirmed downlink message. Thanks in advance.

Yes, this is correct. the ACK indicates the acknowledged of a confirmed data frame. So in response of an uplink confirmed frame you would see a downlink frame with ack = true.

@brocaar ok thanks,

So the confirmed updata will have ack false,
then its corresponding downlink or DataDown should have ack=true (yes that’s happening). But why is that downlink called unconfirmedDataDown. Should it not be called confirmedDataDown?

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No, as that would require the device to ACK the ACK if the same would be true for a device ACKing a downlink. Please refer to the LoRaWAN specs for more information on this.

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understood, thank you.

but my acknowledged is false? can u help me why is this happening ?

Please stay to the topic of this thread to help keeping the forum organized :slight_smile: Your question is about confirmed downlinks.

Yes, I also checked on the forum and did not find a correct solution.