Connect a "Toolbox" gateway from Ewattch company

Hello everyone,

I wanted to create this topic because I didn’t find any previous discussion on this forum about this technology. I’m aware it’s not in the suggest gateway, but I still want to try it. That is why I was hoping that someone already made a connection between this gateway and its Chirpstack server.

Not sure but this is a LoRa gateway, not LoRaWAN.
For me, this looks like a proprietary system.
For LoRaWAN, they propose a Multitech Conduit on their own website.

Confirmed here: Toolbox - Ewattch

It allows to concentrate the sensor data communicating in LoRa®-Ewattch (up to 100)

So it is a private LoRa protocol, you won’t be able to connect it to Chirpstack.


Thank you very much for the quick answer.