Connect Axioma QALCOSONIC E3 with OTAA


I do have a problem to register an Axioma QALCOSONIC E3 with OTAA (Lora Version 1.0.2).

I do get a MIC Failed whenever a join-request occurs (tried MSB and LSB).

My understanding, for OTAA I just need the App Key (beside the Dev EUI and APP EUI)

The strange thing for me:
From the vendor I got the NW- and APP-Session-keys as well.
My understanding is that these two keys will be negotiated during the activation process.

So maybe somebody has the device up and running and can help me to find the problem.
Any help appreciated.


for OTA, You need two device parameters

  1. Device EUI
  2. Application key


Did you fix this issue? I’m having the same issue.