Connect Dragino Gps Hat v1.4 to LoRa Gateway Bridge

Hello everyone,

I"m currently using Raspberry pi 3B+ and Dragino Gps Hat v1.4 as my gateway.I am trying to use the dual chan packet forwarder(edited as a single channel forwarder) with the lora-gateway-bridge app.Is there any chance that i can change the configuration file of Lora-gateway-bridge so it will be using my packet forwarder instead of Semtechs.

Thanks for your efforts.

It’s more the other way around. The gateway bridge doesn’t know or care what packet forwarder you use as long as it speaks the expected protocol. It’s your packet forwarder that needs to be pointed at the address of the gateway bridge (locally or on your server or wherever you chose to run it) instead of something like the TTN servers that the code you are using might have been meant to point at.

Beware that single channel gateways based on node-class radios rather than proper multi-channel/multi-SF concentrators present some severe compromise and a lot of issues you’ll have to work around.

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Hello cstratton,

I have checked everything and i think i established the connection but i cannot see any live frames on localhost(althought i can see my gateway has been seen in a seconds ago).Can you offer me an advice about what should i check? I cannot find the problem right now.

This is the log that shows my gateway seems like sharing data with mqtt broker

This is the log that shows my gateway journal.In this data

I dont know the problem.Can anyone help me to identify it?

Your logs show that your gateway has not received any radio signals during the time in question. The messages sent up through the system consists only of periodic gateways status, with an inapplicable-to-your-case configuration request coming down and then the gateway bridge dropping the inapplicable command channel.

You need to see radio traffic, ie messages with topics of the form “gateway/xxxx/rx” or similar (looks like the naming might have changed slightly, but it will still be something like that)

(Either that, or your packet forwarded reports received messages to the MQTT bridge in a format too different from the Semtech forwarder for them to be understood, but that seems unlikely given that the stats messages seem to match format and be passed on)

Your immediate step here needs to be getting a LoRaWAN node transmitting on the frequencies (or in your case frequency) that the gateway monitors; for setup purposes one that transmits a bit more often than normal could be useful.

Wherever possible please post logs as quoted text, not as images

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Hello, I am also using RaspberryPi 3B+ and Lora Hat v1.4 with dual channel packet forwarder but it does not show connected on the Things Network. What could be the reason? Thanks in advance and Regards

You have asked in the wrong place, this is not the things network forum.

This is the forum for LoRaServer, something you could connect a gateway to instead of the things network.