Connecting a UG65 Milesight to Chirpstack V4

Hello everyone,

I’m making this post because I’m stuck in the process of adding my UG65 Milesight gateway to my chirpstack server, a bit of context :

  • My gateway is physically connected to my computer with RJ45 Ethernet cable, I can access to the configuration webpages with my VM or my computer at “”.
  • I have built a chirpstack server V4 on a Debian VM, I’m using the NAT network in the configuration of the VM. I can access this chirpstack server by using the IP of my computer and the port 8080 like this “my_computer_ip:8080”
  • I have followed the guide of Milesight ( How to Connect Milesight LoRaWAN Gateway to ChirpStack : IoT Support ( to configure my gateway for Chirpstack V4.
  • I didn’t touch the “chirpstack-gateway.tolm” file, expect to set the region.
  • I add the gateway on my chirpstack server.

When I check the gateway on my chirpstack server, there is no log showed in the LoRaWAN frame section.

What should I do ?

Thank you very much.

Where is you gateway bridge installed? On the gateway or on the server side?
If it is on the server, you have to open the 1700 port, and make sure that you can reach this udp port from the gateway.

Hi @Jerome73,

My gateway bridge is installed on my server side.

It seems that I have opened the port 1700 :

How can I be able to test if I can reach the port or not ?

Thank you very much.

Port 1700 is UDP instead.

Thank you @datnus, I will try with it.

What is the difference in this case ?

Adding port 1700 udp didn’t change the problem.

I noticed that the Lora LED on my gateway is ON and the “Connect status” on my server is “Connected” but still, I’m not receiving any frames.

Can you send a screenshot of the packet forwarder conf screen on the GW?

[EDIT]I have one UG65 connected to a local Chirpstack v4 instance, so I’m sure it works[/EDIT]

Yes, here it is :

I’m suspecting maybe it is because the port 1700 is not open on the gateway, but I don’t know how to open it.


I’m glad that you have been able to connect your gateway, so it means that it’s possible :grin:.

All the same for me (except that I’m using the local network and a “real” server to host Chirpstack):

The 1700 is naturally open without the need to configure the Firewall.

For me, this is typically a network configuration problem between your computer and the gateway.

Yes, it seems more of a network issue here.

My Chirpstack server is on a Virtual Machine hosted on my computer. This VM can access my network with the configuration “bridge to bridge”, so the VM actually “see” the gateway, but I don’t know why the gateway can’t reach the server.

I will keep investigating, and I’m also in communication with milesight IOT support. I will keep you in touched.

It didn’t take too long, haha, I find my issue.

I put the same IP on my VM as my computer, which misled the gateway, I supposed.

Thanks for your help everyone !