Connecting Gateway to Gateway - Is that possible?

Today a interesting Idea came to my mind:
Would it be possible to connect a gateway to a gateway?
I have a totally priavte and closed LoRa-Network, with some gateways and sensors. So couldn’t I make kind a gateway-chain to reach a larger range from my main gateway, which forwards the Data to Servers?

No, it’s not possible.
gateways can’t connect between each other via LoRa.
connections endnode to gateway are possible

Repeaters are probably the solution you are looking for to extend the range of your network.

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yeah, but I have some gateways left, so they would get a task.
Thanks anyway

I know of a LoRaWAN operator who used a single “carrier” from his concentrator (generally there are 8 or 16) to serve as a backup link between gateways. It is possible but requires dedicated software.

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Correct, this should be possible for some gateway.

Please note that for some regions (e.g. US915) the uplink frequencies are not equal to the downlink frequencies. As far as I know, some gateway vendors have filters on the RX and TX path to reduce noise. In this case, gateway to gateway will not work (properly) as the frequency range on which these gateways can transmit will be filtered out on the RX path (and the other way around).

To make a gateway receive a gateway transmission, you have to look at the signal polarization. However, you probably want to encapsulate these frames as well to avoid that gateways keep repeating the same packets over and over.

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