Connecting Tektelic Kona Micro IoT with ChirpStack Server

I have ChirpStack v4 running on a Server and a Tektelic Kona Micro IoT Gateway where I installed the ChirpStack Gateway Bridge.

Which settings do I have to change so that the gateway connects to the Chirpstack server? I entered the gateway via the website on the Chirpstack server. As I understand it, the bridge converts the data from the gateway into MQTT packets which are then sent to the Chirpstack server.

Do I have to enter the IP address of the Chirpstack server as the MQTT server in chirpstack-gateway-bridge.toml file?

I made a port scan on the Chirpstack Server and Mosquitto can only be reached locally.

Sorry, the documentation did not help me.

Have you looked at these?

I’ve run the Kona Micro extensively with ChirpStack (using Gateway Bridge on-device at the time), and the configuration was as advertised. These days I would start with the MQTT Forwarder on-device.

Yes, i know the two instructions, but where do I put the IP for the Chirpstack server?

Each of the pieces you’re referring to connect to the MQTT server independently. See this architecture diagram:

At the moment the chirpstack server only accepts mqtt messages from localhost. Where can I change that it will also accept messages from the local network?