Connecting to ChirpStack Gateway Bridge

I have two gateways

  1. TTIG
  2. Raspberry Pi

I would like to connect them to ChirpStack Server. For the TTIG, I have been searching around and I couldn’t find anything, only that it’s not possible in an easy way, as it needs to be hacke. Is there any tutorial for that?

For the second one I have successfully connected to TTN, but not sure how to connect it to ChirpStack, but not sure how to connect it to ChirpStack. Is there any tutorial for that as well?


For the second, all that would be needed is change the server in the packet-forwarder to your ChirpStack Gateway Bridge instance. You might as well be interested in Introduction - ChirpStack open-source LoRaWAN<sup>®</sup> Network Server, which simplifies the Raspberry Pi setup a lot :slight_smile:

Hi @brocaar,

Thanks for your reply. Actually I was thinking of using

Instead of the ChirpStackOS. I want to keep the raspberry OS.

For the 1st one, I was checking around and it seems I need to open the gateway and reprogram somehow…not sure how it is done. It seems it has a serial port, so I suppose it’s going to have a way to put something…

In that case you could also try to use one of the .deb packages to install the ChirpStack Gateway Bridge :slight_smile: Note that if you have your packet-forwarder setup and ChirpStack Gateway Bridge installed and running, the only thing left is making sure that the (UDP) packet-forwarder forwards to the ChirpStack Gateway Bridge (by default port 1700).