Connecting to Remote PostgreSQL

Hello Everyone,

Im installing for the first time a ChirpStack Server on a Ubuntu VPS that have access to a remote managed PostgreSQL on Digital Ocean. I can access PostgreSQL from the VPS itself but no connection from the ChirpStack.

On my chirpstack.toml config I have:

using this command sudo journalctl -f -n 100 -u chirpstack

I can see the error
2023-05-23T03:14:35.739193Z INFO chirpstack::storage: Setting up PostgreSQL connection pool
May 22 22:15:05 : Error: Setup PostgreSQL connection pool error
May 22 22:15:05 : Caused by: timed out waiting for connection: connection to server at “RemoteServer” (, port 25060 failed: certificate could not be obtained: no SSL error reported

Asking for a Certificate. that could not be obtained but the certificate is already installed on the local VPS and I was able to connect using psql.

I have recently seen (and confirmed) an equal issue. Interestingly, from within a Docker environment ChirpStack was able connect to the remote host, but without using Docker it resulted in the above error. I need to investigate this further.

I tried the sam scenario with different Machine and different PostgreSQL Server, with same results. :cry:

It should work without ssl mode?

My postgreSQL Managed server, doesn’t allow insecure connections.

Please re-try with the latest version (v4.4.0), it contains a fix for PostgreSQL connections over TLS.

I restored an image of my VM Server prior to install old Chirpstack. Just follow again the installation wiki with 4.4.0 version, modified the poster settings, same results :sleepy:

While it still does not work, I believe the failed: certificate could not be obtained: no SSL error reported error has gone, which is what was fixed in v4.4.0.

The error that you now see is related to the available connection slot. It looks like all slots are consumed already and PostgreSQL reached its limit. Therefore ChirpStack is unable to connect.

You need to look into:

  • Which other application is consuming these slots
  • Or if you could increase the number of connection slots

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