Connecting to Remote PostgreSQL

Hello Everyone,

Im installing for the first time a ChirpStack Server on a Ubuntu VPS that have access to a remote managed PostgreSQL on Digital Ocean. I can access PostgreSQL from the VPS itself but no connection from the ChirpStack.

On my chirpstack.toml config I have:

using this command sudo journalctl -f -n 100 -u chirpstack

I can see the error
2023-05-23T03:14:35.739193Z INFO chirpstack::storage: Setting up PostgreSQL connection pool
May 22 22:15:05 : Error: Setup PostgreSQL connection pool error
May 22 22:15:05 : Caused by: timed out waiting for connection: connection to server at “RemoteServer” (, port 25060 failed: certificate could not be obtained: no SSL error reported

Asking for a Certificate. that could not be obtained but the certificate is already installed on the local VPS and I was able to connect using psql.

I have recently seen (and confirmed) an equal issue. Interestingly, from within a Docker environment ChirpStack was able connect to the remote host, but without using Docker it resulted in the above error. I need to investigate this further.