Connecting Wireless PAN sensor with Azure using LoRa gateway


The manufacturing industry where I work has two different other industrial departments which are few blocks away from my department, We were thinking to upgrade department monitoring system with private network and add new product of Wireless Vibration and temperature sensor which monitor the the vibration as well as temperature of die cutting machines and many others in other departments as suggested by system engineer of our company,
Further to connect all the departments with each other as well with internet to monitor every data of sensors, we are using LORA gateway to use cellular service to stream the data of machines through Azure cloud,
I am trying to know some better ways to share the streamed data of every sensors which is tested by machine has send the data Azure Server database and will stream the data through smartphones as well as on desktop, your leads on this will be appreciated.

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If you are sending MQTT messages to Azure IoT Hub, you could use Stream Analitics to send the data to PowerBi, this can then be visualised with a PowerBi App, the PowerBi mobile app or even published to a web page.

Hi !
I’m sourcing lora gateway for a similar use case and I’m curious.
Which lora gateway do you use ?


For streaming on smartphone and regular desktop you can try a Citrix Xendesktop VDI or something like that.

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