Connection between Gateway and ChirpStack


i have some troubles to connect my Gateway with my application server and I have no idea, why it doesn’t work…

What have I done:

  • I have on a server a working MQTT Broker (Mosquito)
  • I have installed Network Server, Application Server and a Bridge on a other server
  • i habe installed the Bridge on my Dragino DLOS8

in every config file I set up my working Broker details…

On Gateways site I set additional the Costum Lorawan server to localhost. But nothing work. On the Home site of the Gateway I see the Lorawan server as offline… so I think the problem is provided by the gateway.

Bevor i change the installation to work over the internet, I do it local on one server without installing the Bridge on the Gateway. There works everything thine.

Maybe someone an idea?

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