Correct way to compile and run from source via docker?

This is what I experienced:

  1. I ran docker-compose run --rm loraserver bash
  2. The container builds for the first time, seems that everything in the dockerfile is executed.
    2.1 There is no /build folder in path the shell spawned in.

From here I don’t really understand what’s going on. This is how I continued:

  1. I used the make commands, and then run the executable in the /build folder.

The main questions: Is this the correct way? I think it’s weird mainly because I see in the output the first time I run docker-compose run --rm loraserver bash that the Dockerfile is executed (which contains the make arguments).

Second questions: I specified the - port value in the docker-compose file, but I still can’t access the GUI via https://localhost:8080

Thanks in advanced.

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