CORS Issues with LoRaServer

How to avoid with cors issues? I’m currently working on ionic app, and when I try to communicate with my api always get " 405 Method Not Allowed ".

The correct solution, in my opinion, will be modify the server for allow that… But how?

The LoRaServer was deployed in Raspberry pi 3 with Lora-gateways-os image of 27 th December


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Anyone? @brocaar?

Maybe an addition to file LoRaServer.toml or something similar?

From which API does the 405 Method Not Allowed come from and how exactly does your ionic app connect to this API? Would this (included in the next release) solve your issue:

It not depends on special method, the issue happen 'cause I’m calling the server from other ip ( CORS )

Maybe yes…I was reading it a couple of weeks but how still in development and requires a local recompilation I not try anything of it.

I solve the issue performing ionic native http, the problem now is that I can try execution in pc, but the app is for mobile devices.

Somebody already resolved this? i have this issue too when access api with different API