Could not setup mqtt backend : retry in 2sec : network error: connection refused

My Lora gateway Bridge server which is running on Raspberry pi(gateway) is giving an error saying connection refused when i try to start . I have lora server and lora-app-server working fine(both of these are running on a linux machine) and i am able to access the lora-app-server web interface. I am stuck with the gateway bridge couldn’t figure out what causing the problem. Please help me on this.

I also tried to reset my concentrater board(RAK 831) when i reboot the raspberry pi. But even still it gives the same error.


I think the error explains it quite well:

The LoRa Gateway Bridge tries to connect to, but the connection was refused (probably since there is no MQTT broker running)?

See also:

Thank a lot @brocaar . It is fixed now.

I finish setup Lora Server ,Lora Appserver and Lora Gateway Bridge but i found this problem it said that "level=error msg="could not setup mqtt backend, retry in 2 seconds: Network Error " by the cmd journalctl -u lora-gateway-bridge. i try to find out what it happend i am very begginer please help thank you.

As the error states, you need to setup the Mosquitto server before you boot the Lora Gateway Bridge.