Couldn't find chirpstack-application-sever.toml and chirpstack-network-sever.toml files

I have cloned chirpstack repository from git, but I couldn’t find chirpstack-application-sever.tool and chirpstack-network-sever.toml files. I tried chirpstack in 2022 at that time I could see those files. I am trying to change regions but couldn’t find chirpstack-network-sever.toml file. Any changes are made in chirpstack?, if yes could you please explain the difference between old chirpstack files and current ones?

Thank You!!

Chirpstack v4 does not have those files.
Check the Documentation v4.

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In chirpstack.toml file they have already mentioned all the regions, but I am using only us915 region, will it be an issue if I keep all the regions as it is?

You can comment out all unwanted regions in chirpstack.toml.


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