CRC invalid at "gateways"

Hello @brocaar, may you can take a doubt, please.

At “gateways logs” we are receiving some frames. But there is some constant CRC invalid frames that migh cause a instability on the server, not receiving the frame logs correctly.

See the picture bellow:


Even the amount the days it seems to be some constant:

Take a look at frames received and sent. What it could it be? We are sending wrongly over the node? It is normal at gateway bridge? It will be great if you could lead us to improve our services or way to communication over the server !

Thanks a lot !
Best Regards,
Rogério Cassares Pires

Please note that the gateway tries to demodulate all LoRa frames that it receives, not just the frames of your own nodes. It could be that it receives LoRa frames from neighbouring networks which the gateway is unable to demodulate completely / when demodulate result in an invalid CRC. I have the same and I doubt if this is anything to worry about.