Create 2 extra channel with less than 200khz different

it is possible to configure two LoRa extra channels with less than 200 kHz difference

There is no notification or warning in chirpstack trace log

I would expect at least a warning

What region and frequency are you operating ?

Region IN865

870-863 MHz

Ok not familiar with IN regs but first question are we compliant with local regs.
So in UK it’s OFCOM which is based on ETSI

A quick google found one document below
865-867 MHz Low power wireless device (max. transmitter power of 1 watt-4 watts
Effective Radiated Power) with 200 kHz carrier bandwidth
So it’s appears there is not regulatory issue.

A quick look on TTN and they like CS have only 3 channels.
Though the regional parameters state end-device should support 16 channels

What are the centre frequencies of your additional channels?