Create bash file to generate data like packet forwarder

I need to send sensor like data to application server and then thingsboard. I need to create a bash file to generate packets similar to packet forwarder and send these packets to gateway-bridge. Can anyone help me to create this bash file?

Emulating a LoRaWAN device is likely a lot more work than one would fit into a bash script. Search for lora simulator, there are a few out there.

I need to send simulated node packets to chirpstack network-server. All of the simulators have there own network server. Do you know any one which I can configure to send node data to chirpstack?


Thank you very much…

Is this new? I have not seen it before… ?

It looks like it’s been around for about a year. I see it mentioned infrequently.

I m interested with chirpstack simulator but i doesnt succeed to set it up. I post a request for support butr never receive answer
is it working ? Seems i m not alone to be in trouble with simulator