Create "device Application" from a csv array

Hello everyone,
I start using chirpstack in a profesional environment and after some few tests and good result i would like to gain in efficiency when i create a application.

We measure the energy and the thermicals data of buildings. so i create a application for each building with their associated node.
for a medium building its look like 10 nodes for the burnerRoom and 20 nodes for appartements.
so 30 nodes to enter in the WEbUI with for each : Name; EUI; appKey; Device Profile; tags etc…

the idea is to fullfill a csv (or array like files) with dedicated column and inject it into a parser to transmit it to the Application server API.

First of all i know there are at least many way to do that, but is there someone who have allready working on it?
if yes, we are ok to participate in the developement or bring some extra functionalities (if it needed.)
if not, (what i supose wrong) we start from the begining and go with basic functionalities to do somethings usable for mximum users.

please do not hesitate to bring some advices or what you thinks concerning this plugins.

this post talk about it:

You should be able to do this fairly easily with your choice of language (Python, JavaScript, shell/curl, whatever) and the API. The device creation endpoint is well-documented.

I prefer Go + gRPC, but there are countless ways to skin this cat.


thanks bconway,
clearly there are lot of path for doing this.
what i’m interest is make something that it could be reuse by other users.
i thinks we will go in javascript (i’m not JS decelopper, but colleague yes). maybe Go +gRPC is most integrable fot chirpstack.

why i post here , its for get sense and i would like to supply something that could be use as plug-in.
so the idea is first collect some needs from other users before to start the developement.

  1. to be sure i not miss something important ,
  2. add a piece of sand into the desert

We are working on this. Need to clean-up the repository to open-source it.
It’s a GitOps tool. (Yaml + JSON)

  • Device-Profile creation/update
  • Applications
  • Devices with Encrypted Keys on file.
  • Influxdb Integration + DB creation at Target
  • Grafana DataSource Setup

built with golang + gRPC

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Nice, i visit the Git, OK you works on multiple subject.
this is very interesting and at term we would like to go inside this direction.
the things is , my colleague develop in JS , and they have littles fears to maintain or participate in a OpenSource project wich they have no sparticular competencies and tools.
so we are main focus on a JS development.
the others aspect is : your project will probably help us to start and give us a architecture to copy for doing it in JS.

glad to hear it might help you, sad you wont do golang. It’s rather easy to consume the API that way, as brocaar himself uses it for the different services, so if your colleague learns golang, he might be able to submit features/patches to the core services :wink:

In any case we would gladly have you as testers/feature requesters and we would guide you on submitting patches.

How to say, … in french we said: Don’t change a wining team.
but its sure that have a partial work allready done could help us to make a better quality.
It will be very interesting but all that implies other integrations with other applications.

firts of all we will go on a basic script that get a *.csv file with specific field for create a new application and devices.