Create Org user throws 404

Hi there!
I can’t create users within an Organization. Here are the logs:

time="2020-09-10T14:04:56Z" level=info msg="finished unary call with code NotFound" ctx_id=b0e74432-182d-4bcc-8a77-0f13b8e9bca2 error="rpc error: code = NotFound desc = object does not exist" grpc.code=NotFound grpc.method=AddUser grpc.service=api.OrganizationService grpc.start_time="2020-09-10T14:04:56Z" grpc.time_ms=2.941 peer.address="" span.kind=server system=grpc

And some screens:

The user from wich I’m trying is a global admin. I can’t find the issue.
Recenlty upgraded to 3.12

Thanks in advance!

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before adding the users into organization, you need to create them in whole chirpstack system users.

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Shame on me, thanks!