Creating device keys via the gRPC API

Dear all,

I am interfacing the LoRa App Server with a C++ program using gRPC. So far, I have successfully managed to do authentication and create all the bits and pieces needed for a basic setup like an organization, application, service profile, device, profile, etc., through gRPC calls.

Now I am working on the device creation/deletion interface. Here I noticed then when I create a device and then afterwards the device keys, the “Application Key” always gets sets to all zeros even though I am not setting it the corresponding field in the DeviceKeys proto message. Since I am using 1.0 devices and the UI says that I should leave the field blank, I was wondering if this is a problem and, if so, how I can send the CreateDeviceKeys request without setting the “Application Key”.

Thank you for your help!

Best, Levent

PS: I am using LoRa App Server 2.0, LoRa Server 2.0 and Gateway Bridge 2.4.1

In this case, all zeros is considered blank. LoRa App Server already know which key to use based on the LoRaWAN version in the device-profile :slight_smile:

Hi brocaar,

thank you got your answer! That means I do not have to change anything, brilliant!

Best, Levent

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