Creating multiple nodes in aplication

What would be right way to add series of nodes in App Server.
I have to add 100 nodes and have name, DEVEUI, APEUI and APKKEY.
Is there a way that I do not need to enter each node individually?

I see that there is api for creating node
post /api/nodes

How can I run this api - not using web interface?
That way I could automatize it.

Ok I saw it when I have tried to use it it is using curl. I will use that in console.

ok here is script how to do one from command line
put it in some script file and modify it I do not need all data

# curl yourNodeName yourAppKey yourDevEUI
# or add more parameters

curl --insecure -X POST --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --header 'Accept: application/json' --header 'Grpc-Metadata-Authorization: yourYWTtoken' -d "{
   \"adrInterval\": 0,
   \"appEUI\": \"yourappEUI\",
   \"appKey\": \"$2\",
   \"applicationID\": \"7\",
   \"description\": \"yourDescription\",
   \"devEUI\": \"$3\",
   \"installationMargin\": 0,
   \"isABP\": false,
   \"isClassC\": false,
   \"name\": \"$1\",
   \"relaxFCnt\": true,
   \"rx1DROffset\": 0,
   \"rx2DR\": 0,
   \"rxDelay\": 0,
   \"rxWindow\": \"RX1\",
   \"useApplicationSettings\": true
 }" 'https://yourWEB:8080/api/nodes'