Current state of MAC commands in LoRa App Server API

Whie browsing the forum and project issues I gained a feeling, that mac commands will be incorporated into AppServer API… Are there any plans to do so?

Is the best way for REST API mac-command support (for now? and for the future?) to have a custom implementation of the network controller and a custom REST API?

Thank you!

Mac-commands won’t be exposed through the LoRa App Server API, as these should be network-server only. However it is possible to enqueue mac-commands through the LoRa Server gRPC API.

Please note that I’m going to implement more mac-commands soon, in order to keep the device in sync with the network-server state (e.g. extra channels, channel modifications, data-rate modifications etc…). In such case it would not be beneficial to schedule your own mac-commands as it will change the state of the device, but not the state of the network-server (for which you have to change its configuration file). This means that in the next opportunity, LoRa Server will try to sync the device state back to the network-server state.

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Thank you for clarification!