Custom Node is hanging


We are having a problem in our node that is hanging in the joining proccedure.
We are using a STM32F103C8 with a RFM95W module.
STM32duino core. Library: Beelan-LoraWan.
Frequency plan: AU915
GW: RAK2245 (Chirpstack GatewayBridge+Network Server+App Server all runnning in the same Rpi).

The problem happens randomly after restarting the node by software, and trying to do the join process. We tried to use timeout interrupts within the join process and it was not useful either.
It is as if the micro was completely left frozen even the timers.

I attached images of the JoinRequest payload and the payload error and a script with the main code.


I´m really stuck and I don´t know how to proceed.

Thanks a lot in advance!


Hi Francisco, como estas?

What Lorawan version are you using with that node?

Nicolas (from Uy)

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