Customizing Lora App Server UI

I’ve used the ansible playbook to successfully install lora app server with SSL. Is there anyway to customize the UI after installation?

What is it that you’d like to customise?

You can set the following variables in lora-app-server.toml:

footer="Our Data Network is a service provided by <a href=''>Mockingbird Consulting Ltd</a>"

(although in our case the logo doesn’t show up, but I’ve never gotten around to debugging that!), but beyond that I’m not sure how to customise.


That’s kinda helpful. Trying to add a custom logo to the header. As well as the title of the app. I’ll try that and see if I’m successful. Thanks!

HI, I have try to set logo, registration and footer on lora-app-server.toml:
footer=“Our Data Network is a service provided by Bluetentacles s.r.l.
registration=“Bluetentacles s.r.l.

but i can’t display logo.

When i use brandig API the response body is:
“logo”: “”,
“registration”: “Bluetentacles s.r.l.”,
“footer”: “Our Data Network is a service provided by Bluetentacles s.r.l.
What am I doing wrong?

Yeah, the logo doesn’t show up for us either, I’m wondering if this is something that hasn’t yet been added to the code itself.

@brocaar - is this a bug or intentional at this time?

First of all, the branding configuration was never made public (you can use it, when you know which config to set) and was never considered a real LoRa App Server feature. The logo option has intentionally been removed with the new UI last year as before there was no LoRa Server logo on the page.