Daily periodic CPU peak!

Hi everyone,

I have a Chirpstack (AS with 3.10.0 version, NS with 3.9.0 version). I know I am not up to date, but I’ll upgrade it soon :wink:

Here is my question:

While my LoRaWAN Network with that Chirpstack works well, I notice that the machine where it runs has daily periodic CPU peaks. These peaks last for 5mins and come each day at the exact same time (accurate to the minute). The peak has always the same amplitude: around 10 times higher than my cruising rate.

I have check the Chirpstack LOGs around the fatidic hour, and I didn’t notice any unusual error or info. I precise there is only Chirpstack that is installed on my machine.
I am still investigating on that surprising behavior…

Has anyone encountered this type of CPU behavior before?
Any suggestions, remarks, or ideas are welcomed!

Appreciate your attention,

Have you tried using a tool like top or htop to find out which process is causing the CPU spike?