Data from devices not populating

Hi all,

I’m facing this problem I don’t understand. I have two nodes connected to GW. On GW page I can see up-lings coming every 15 minutes or so from nodes but only some of them going further, where can I see them in device data and further data ends in InfluxDB. But as I wrote, some of them:

Any idea where could be a problem? Where should I look?

So, I have some explanation for those who struggled like me.
When I set my devices I was under the influence of the post Battery life, Service Profile settings, ADR, DR and SF
I wanted to spare battery life … my devices are max 12m from GW so why not to set the DR to 7 and set ADR to “0”. Well … it seems that it was bad idea.
Lets describe the story that happened after I set devices back to ADR to “1” and restart them.
DEVICE 1 joined with SF 7 (DR 5), struggled one upload but then started with SF 12 (DR 0 why not DR 1 or 2?), and everything went good. Strange, why? See picture:

The story with DEVICE 2. Also set to ADR 1. It has more fight with SF 7, three attempt or so then also went down to SF 12, and then magic happened … with SF 12 all data go as expected. See the picture.

Conclusion … don’t be too much clever … devices have their own life, … don’t want too much from them.
Happy bastling/testing and LoRaing :slight_smile:

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