Data from my sensor

Hello everyone,

This is my first installation of ChirpStack on Linux Ubuntu. After adding a RAK gateway and an end device, in my case, it is the TTGO T-BEAM, I encountered the following issue in the device’s event log. I receive some data from my sensor, and it seems like additional data is being appended like bellow? Would you please advice what may cause mentioned issue ?

It does look like the device is appending to the previous payload.

I skimmed their GitHub repo[1] and TTN quick start[2], and it wasn’t immediately obvious how to decode the payload or what it contained. You may need to dig into the firmware, assuming you are running the one from that repo.

Thank you for the suggestion. I suspected it might be an issue with my payload, but I wanted to be make sure, as this is my first experience with ChirpStack after switching from TTN.
anyway today, I made some improvements to my custom class which is used for data transmission, now after each transmission I clear the data and seems that it helped me,
Thanks again


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