Data in Gateway frames tab but not in Device frames

Hello there,

i’m working with the full image of the gateway-os for pi3.
It appears that the gateway is receiving the packages i send from my device but it doesn’t get forwarded to the application/devices.

Screenshot from a package received in the Gateway tab on the web application.
I also checked the broker. It gives lines like “gateway/-id-/event/up”

When i look into the devices it says “never seen”.
Did i failed any configuration? (using ABP)

Device configurations:
LoRaWAN MAC version: 1.0.0
Regional Parameters revision: A
Max EiRP: 15
Geolocation buffer TTL: 0
Geolocation minimum buffer size: 0

RX1 Delay: 0
RX1 data-rate offset: 0 (tested with various offsets, still nothing)
RX2 data-rate: 0
RX2 channel frequenzy: 869525000
Factory-preset frequencies: 868100000, 868300000, 868500000, 867100000, 867300000, 867500000, 867700000, 868800000

for ABP you need to be sure that following parameters
Device EUI
Device address
Network session key
Application session key
are the same iside the device and device configuration in the ChirpStack UI

I triple checked on that also, everything fits.
I’m using the LMIC library for my devices.
The only thing differing is that i added 0x so that it fits the format for the LMIC.

check which byte numbering use your device to store the parameters MSB or LSB

It’s MSB. And i also copied the MSB variant from the ChirpStack UI.
I even generated new keys but nothing.

try to delete the device from chirpstack and create it again

Okay, i will try it as soon as i get back to the lab.
Thanks in advance so far.