Data loss with HTTP integration

I run chirpstack network-server, gateway-bride and application-server on a RaspberryPi with a Dragino PG1301 Shield. The application server is connected to the internet and forwards the received lora messages to a http-endpoint.

Three days ago (2020-02-17), I had an interruption in the internet connection of the RaspberryPi. The Lora Communication works fine during that time. (see blue lines)

After some time the internet connection of the RaspberryPi was restored. The following chart (green and yellow lines) shows the received data at the http-endpoint. It shows that data get lost during this period.

My expectation was that the application-server buffers the data if it cannot transfer to the endpoint.

Is it possible to configure the application-server in a way to buffer the data?

I don’t know if it solves your problem. Do you have PostgreSQL databases installed?

Because it keeps me there temporarily, or at least the last one. I’m not sure how many uplink you save.