Data Not receiving under Device tab But Can see in Gateway LiveLoRaWAN frames

Hope you are doing great!
Being a beginner, I m confused with this problem and stuck here. I m trying to get the uplink message of ABP mode. I m sending the message from the Lora module which SX1276 board through the LORA Gateway LAIRD RGX191 US915 to the Chirpstack server. When I m sending the Uplink packet, I Can Able to see the LiVE LORAWAN packet under the gateway tab but could not able to see it under a specific device tab. I m aware that I should hard code the APPSkey and NWSkey (should be Bigindian) in the device side to pass the authentication and I have done it.

I don’t Know What else configuration is missing here. Can anyone give a spark to proceed this?
I have given as dev address as static const u4_t DEVADDR = 0x018A82BF ; And I have used Arduino MCCI’s LMIC project.

Thanks in Advance