Database information

Hello everyone,
could somebody please help me and tell where can I get information about the databases?
Everything is working fine, but i would like to know which information is stored on the network server database, and which information is stored on the lora app server.
Thank you in advance.
Best regards

The easiest way to find out is to use the psql utility, or similar tools (PostgreSQL: Documentation: 15: psql).

Once connected to the database, you can execute the \d command, which will give you a list of tables. Then you can use \d device (or any other table name) to describe the structure of that table.

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Hello Brocaar and thanks for your reply.
I will check everything you told me and I will let you know.
As I commented before, I am a little bit confused about the information on the databases. Which database saves the payload, Which saves the device’s information, Which saves the network process, etc.
Once again, thank you!!!
All the best