Datas transfer from ChirpStack to TTN

Hi everyone,

I’m in an internship for a company and they want to install a LoRaWAN Network.
At the beginning, we choose ChirpStack as server. But we would like to share our gateways to the LoRaWAN community to make a public Network like TTN while using ChirpStack.
Is it possible to keep our ChirpStack and transfer the datas received by our gateways to TTN ?
Even if it seems complicated to me, I want to be sure of that.

Using ChirpStack, the only method to share our gateways is to create anoter organisation inside our Network Server ?

Thanks for your answer. And sorry for the prospectives mistakes.

King regards,


Have you seen this repo: GitHub - brocaar/chirpstack-packet-multiplexer: Forward Semtech packet-forwarder data to multiple servers.?