De-duplication logic


I’m using the LoRaServer product and everything is working great :blush:.

I had a question about one of my requirements that’s the deduplication of packets sent by a node and received by multiple gateways. I’m looking on the web and on the website but I can’t find anything about it, from what I see on my network there is also no duplicated data coming in.

The reason I need to know is that the teachers can ask questions when I’m defending my project in a couple of weeks so I need to know how it works.

Hope you guys can help me!

This is the logic related to de-duplication:

Thanks for the quick reaction!

I want to hook up on this topic.

As I remember the deduplication is done in the gateway-bridge. Is this right?
If I have a few gateways where the gateway-bridge is directly on the gateway not global at the server, and 2 gateways are in range of one node. Does the message then gets published twice at the mqtt?
Or is there also de-duplication at the network-server?

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No, it’s done at the loraserver level.

Hi, i also have a question about deduplication.

If LoraServer deduplicates a packet, can i see this in the logs?
so far i could not find it on the LoraServer Logs - but maybe i just don’t know what message to see.

So: Does anyone know if e deduplicated and deleted packet is logged? If so, where? and which message should show up?


Deduplication is such a common occurrence with a LoRa network, I don’t think it would make sense to log it, or at least not by default. The most obvious indication that a payload was deduped is that it shows multiple gateways in the device payload (assuming you have GW metadata turned on).