Decode Payload Data at Gateway

I am new in ChirpStack, I’m actually looking for a way to integrate LoRaWAN Network Server to the gateway itself. So, all the data will be decoded locally at the gateway. Is ChirpStack Gateway Bridge served this purpose?

If so, how can retrieve the decoded data? Is there a way that I can retrieve the decoded data by using Python?


You could run the whole stack (incl. Network and Application servers) on the gateway and there you will have access to your decoded data. You could use for example an HTTP integration to get the data from the application server to a python client running on the gateway itself.

Take a look at :slight_smile: It depends on which gateway hardware you have though, some might not be Gateway-OS compatible.

Hope that helps!

Wow, that’s super cool. Everything at the gateway there! Thanks for the helps and clarifications.

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