Decode protobuf into json

Hi everyone

I have two questions about the protobuf event type in ChirpStack.
My lora gateways send events in protobuf (which is what I want) and I want to receive these events in a Node-RED MQTT client.

  • Is there a configuration to auto-decode these events into json, when they arrive on ChirpStack? That would be useful because I’m working with device profile codec’s.
  • If there is no configuration, is there any prebuild Node-RED node for that? I just found the following package: @chirpstack/node-red-contrib-chirpstack - npm

Thanks for your help

There exists JavaScript client code for the ChirpStack protobuf packages here:

It appears that some people are doing protobuf encoding and decoding in Node-RED:

I have not done so and cannot speak to the quality of those options, however. I normally reach for Go and an MQTT library when doing these types of tasks, but there are many ways to skin this cat.

Thanks for your help

Just so I understand.
These clients are auto-decoding the protobuf events into json?
And can I use them in the device profile codec on the ChirpStack dashboard?

I have not done so and cannot speak to the quality of those options

Ok, I will try it out.