Decoded response

Hi, I am new to chirpstack. I use the chirpstack console in the web. Where I can see, the decoded response from my sensor?

Applications → app → device → Events tab (data field is base64-encoded). You can also see the raw payloads under LoRaWAN Frames tab.


i can’t quite put it together:
i have the following specification from the sensor:
Bits [3:0] unsigned value v, range l - l4;
battery voltage in V = (25 + v} / l0.

My payload:

How can I get the battery voltage from the payload?

You’re looking in the wrong place. frm_payload is the encrypted payload that is part of the LoRaWAN frame. You want the data field in the Event. If you’re on v3, the names may be slightly different, but it’s still the data field.