Decoding Data from RN2483

Hello there!

I finally ran the lora-app-server on my fedora and it’s look good.
But when i a create an application for my node, the payload data is strange. I understood that the payload his base64 encoded and lora decrypted. But when i am using a base64 decoder, the data is wrong.

Is it because you are using the Cayenne LPP encoding and the rn2483 not?
His there a decoder for the rn2483?

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Please share with us what you send from the node and what you receive at the loraserver/lora-app-server. By looking at samples perhaps someone can help you.

My node is sending this:

I receive this:
z+ki3enYrhHER+M= in Base 64
cf e9 22 dd e9 d8 ae 11 c4 47 e3 in hexa :confused:

Where do you see the z+ki3enYrhHER+M= payload?

Did you see this topic?:

I have already read this topic.
I see this payload in
https://localhost:8080 -> organization ->lora server -> application -> “my application” -> “my device” -> Live frame logs
Then i check the FRMPayload and got some different base64 messages, but after decoding, none of them match with the initial data sent by the node.

I have check many times the DevEUI,Appkey,Nwkey every thing is correct

But when i check with mosquitto, the complete frame (not only the payload) and i use this decoder:

The frame is correct.


Please note that you’re looking at the encrypted / raw PHYPayload data. Maybe it would be good to implement an other tab with the decoded application payload.

Anyway, the solution is posted here (MQTT or HTTP integration):