Deduplication id

 ERROR up{deduplication_id=2fb70774-847b-454e-92ba-edc9b731e36c}: chirpstack::uplink::join: Handle join-request error error=Invalid DevNonce

We’re seeing this type message in the logs about every 15 mins. Sorry if my request has been answered before( i searched but didnt find anything similiar), but how would I cross-reference the deplication_id to a device? would that info be in mqtt or the database perhaps?
Thanks in advance!

I wouldn’t worry about the deduplication ID, it looks like your devnonce is no good. Presumably it has already been used? I would look into the device firmware and figure out whether it’s not incrementing/changing or if you’ve exhausted the pool for that device.

I’m trying to figure out which device it is though. we have 200-300 sensors in our environment.