Deduplication problem


I already read that having a device close (in this case ~5m) to the GW can result in the detection of the same uplink on multiple frequencies. But as you can see in the GW log, one frequency is clearly the correct one (max RSSI, SNR). Why is the NS choosing one random uplink frequency for the downlink?

Also is this a new behavior or bug, because I have the feeling this only happens since recently.

My setup is a SX1261 based device and an IMST GW for development. application server v3.17.0, network server v3.15.0.
In the attached screenshot you can see the GW log receiving the same confirmed uplink on multiple channels and the downlink happening in the wrong one. I also recorded it on the air with a hackrf.


  • Simon

might be related to:
mind adding information there please?