Detached Integration with Azure IoT Hub

Hi everyone,

I would like to ask if someone knows if is it possible to send all messages from devices to Azure IoT Hub. I’m not interested in this moment to send commands back to devices (downlink messages).

I read the documentation on and I noticed in this way the configuration of gateway bridge, network server and application server need to be changed and I don’t want this level of complexity.

Please, correct if I’m wrong. On the Chirpstack architecture draw ( is it missing an arrow connecting the Application Server to Sub/Pub Broker? I’m asking because the MQTT configuration on chirpstack-application-server.toml the [application_server.integration.mqtt] points to the same pub/sub broker the Gateway Bridge and Network Server uses.

I thought I could setup the application gateway [application_server.integration.mqtt] and point to Azure IoT Hub but after this all applications stopped to work.

Using the Azure Service Bus integration on application server configuration file and it worked but it bypasses the Azure IoT Hub, which is not desired. So far the only solution I’m seeing is to develop a middle software, which will receive the messages from Chirpstack (via HTTP integration for example) and then connect to Azure IoT Hub and pushes the message.

Thanks for all attention, keep safe everyone.

Hi everyone,

Just in case someone need this, I wrote a python program to connect to mosquitto broker and publish the messages on a Azure IoT Hub.

Any question please let me know.

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