Device activate AND Invalid string length

Hi, did anyone try to do the device activation (ABP) over grpc?

When calling: deviceGrpcClient.activate( activateDeviceRequest, getAuthMetadata() )
Im getting
ERROR [ExceptionsHandler] 13 INTERNAL: Invalid string length
This comes from chirpstack, tried to look at chirpstack logs, but nothing more in there.

Im providing:
4149555400403208 - EUI
00000000 - Device Address
122B87D6… (32 chars) - NwkSEncKey
E5D31192… (32 chars) - AppSKey

Lengths seems to be fine as when I do the same using Chirpstack UI and get these values over grpc - I can see that its the same.
Is there a problem in the grpc handler code or am I doing something wrong?

The DeviceActivation message has a few more fields that you must set:

@brocaar Ill take a look at it one more time. Docs doesn’t say anything about required/optional so its a bit of a pain.
I think I provided all fields which are required by chirpstack UI.
Additionally it would be nice if chirpstack could give us more meaningful errors, showing which field is actually a problem.
s_nwk_s_int_key must be a string of length: 64 or any similar would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Ok your hint was still good.
Even when UI has this:

Under the hood there are these 2 additional fields FNwkSIntKey, SNwkSIntKey and when Im getting the “activation” I can see its the same as NwkSEncKey.

After setting FNwkSIntKey & SNwkSIntKey to the same value as NwkSEncKey, no more errors appear.

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