Device data and lorawan frames are empty


I have already installed lora server and lora app serveron the rpi. I have fipy as a gateway and another fipy as an OTAA node.

I got the two fipy connected via TTN and now I’m trying to replace the TTN with the loraserver.

I’m able to see the last seen of my device but the device data and the lorawan frames are empty.
I’m getting this error in the lora server log:

level=error msg=“update gateway state error” error=“get gateway error: get gateway error: object does not exist”
Please find attached photos for my setting and the lora server log.

Thank you

My device is connecting to another gateway and I don’t know why. changed the app_key and dev_eui but still I don’t know hat to put in the app_eui.
my device is OTAA.