Device data Device data reception is too slow

Excuse me, I am a beginner and there are some problems I don’t understand.
I try to use a lora node to transmit data to lora server via lora gateway, and I use chirpstack to see gateway information and device data.
First of all, in ‘live lorawan frames module’, why are these devaddr different ? I use only one lora node, and what’s meaning of these? I think it is because my gateway has received data from multiple lora nodes and only my lora node’s data has transmited to lora sever, which shows ‘confirmed data’. Is it right?
Second, in ‘device data’ module, the frequency of ‘up’ data is too slow compared with the frequency of ‘uncofirmed data’ in ‘live lorawan frames module’, is it the same reason mentioned above?

Last, what is my lora node’s real devaddr?


Here are some screenshots

different endnodes has different devaddr. gateways hear all LoRaWAN frames, which transmitted.

which frequency you talking about? why did you decide that packets must be sent more often than it is programmed by anyone inside endnode?

no. it fully depends from endnode and their settngs.

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I got it! Thank you so much !