Device deletion in combination with Redis

According to the documentation the Redis database is used to store device session data and device frames.

I am curious what (should) happen when a device is deleted from Chirpstack. We have been testing our Chirpstack installation with the Chirpstack Simulator, adding 10-20k devices each time. After doing this a couple times the memory of the system is completely filled to the point where at times the whole system loses internet connectivity for a while.

It appears the information from devices is not cleared from the Redis database when a device is deleted. Even after nearly a week when we did no testing, this indicates there is a very long TTL. Especially for frames/packets I expect a TTL of a day at most.

Was this by design? If so how can we clean up the database by removing info from deleted devices without completely wiping the redis volume.

ps. I hope I put it in the correct category

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